Cetylmyristoleate: the natural way to relieve arthritis pain

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CMO – Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy DuoFlex CMO products instead of one of the other CMO products advertised on the net?

1. In this competitive field, the more expensive products usually contain better quality ingredients that may provide faster and/or better benefits for your health problem. Our unique product is the only one that contains 2 lipase digestive enzymes that were included in each capsule after an enzyme chemist determined what digestive enzymes are best to aid in better absorption of the fatty acid complex known as cerasomal-cis-9-cetyl myristoleate. This allows our product to provide optimal benefits to its users. A few less expensive products have quality ingredients but not enough CMO to be effective. Other products with digestive enzymes use “genera”l enzymes, not those specific to helping CMO be better absorbed. The positive CMO clinical trial results http://www.cis9.com were dose related. In other words, smaller amounts of CMO (less than 2,200 mg per 10 day treatment) have not proven to give substantial, long term benefits. When comparing prices be sure to compare milligrams of cerasomal-cis-9-cetyl myristoleate per capsule. Sometimes what appears, at first glance, to be cheaper is more expensive per milligram.

2. If the CMO product(s) you are considering is not derived from an animal source, they will not be effective long term no matter what the advertising says. These products will most likely be inexpensive. Also if the product’s main ingredient is simply cetyl myristoleate, not the more bioavaliable form, cerasomal-cis-9-cetyl myristoleate, your benefits, if any, may be very few and brief in duration. Most of the companies selling this form of CMO suggest taking it for a month or more and then continuing on a maintenance basis. This, in the end, can cost you more.

3. Duoflex Cmo offers risk free purchase. Even the “best” CMO only works for approximately 90% of users. If you happen to be one of the 10% that do not benefit from our CMO+, we will gladly give you a full refund for the cost of your purchase from us. Results vary due to the uniqueness of each human body. Contact other companies to verify if they have a refund guarantee before purchasing.

4. Purchasing nutritional supplements is like purchasing diamonds; meaning only the experts can REALLY evaluate appropriately. A sophisticated, expensive lab analysis (about $1,000/product) is the only way to positively assure what ingredients, in what quantities, are in a CMO product. Even then, there is no guarantee the product will work for you, hence our refund policy. Therefore, in deciding which CMO product to buy you are at the mercy of your evaluation of your research (which can be wrongly swayed by the advertising skills of the marketer). Try DuoFlex CMO+ products, Nutritional Health Services LLC stands behind their product line by offering you a 90 day refund policy.

Why, when I asked, did my doctor suggest Celebrex, Vioxx, Remicade or Enbrel (all with known and potentially serious side effects) instead of this product?

1. Most medical doctors usually discuss, suggest and then prescribe only FDA approved drugs or therapies currently in vogue for the medical conditions they treat. Due to the enormous amount of information and huge number of alternative therapies available today, no doctor can possibly know about all current options. They simply do not have time nor do they wish to study what is not relevant for the line of treatment they must follow in order to offer the American Medical Association’s “accepted standard of care” protocols.

2. Generally medical malpractice insurers do not choose to insure doctors who do not adhere to suggesting/prescribing only medical solutions that are approved by the FDA or backed by approved scientifically conducted double blind, placebo controlled studies. This is because the insurance company has a more likely chance of losing a lawsuit case (paying out large settlements) when a doctor using an alternative therapy is sued. Therefore it would not be a wise financial decision on their part to insure doctors suggesting alternatives. Openly practicing medicine out of the realm of the “accepted standard of care” is not usually insurable. Consequently, allopathic doctors who do know about the benefits of CMO products are often reluctant to discuss these with their patients. Many alternative medicine practitioners I work with and know personally do not have mal-practice insurance. They tell me they do not need it because their therapy suggestions, although not always the answer, do not have “drug solution” side effects. Some sell DuoFlex CMO products directly to their patients while others refer their patients directly to the manufacturer .

If this product is so terrific and has been sold worldwide for 6 years, why have I not heard about it?

The manufacturers of nutritional supplements do not have the advertising dollars available to inform the medical community and others with a massive media advertising campaign about the incredible benefits, free of side effects, that can be derived from one or two packages (10 – 20 days) of CMO+HPR. Pharmaceutical companies spend thousands of dollars each day on media advertising. Therefore stories about “wonder” supplements (like CMO+HPR) that compete with the drug company products in the field of arthritis and other autoimmune disease treatment are never given front page or prime time positioning. These media coverage decisions are based on economics, not on providing fair and equal reporting of new treatment breakthroughs. Sad, but true! Much of our sales growth is based on “word of mouth advertising” propelled by our satisfied customers: http://www.bestcmo.com/testimonials.html. Most of these former customers are available by e-mail for your personal verification of their results.

How much CMO+ HPR will I have to take before I get all the benefits possible for my particular challenge?

Most need only one bottle (60 capsules). Improvement will continue after the capsules are finished. We suggest taking a second bottle within a week or two of finishing the first if only minimal or no benefits are realized. If one still has not perceived any benefits a week or two after finishing the second bottle, CMO+ is most likely not the correct solution. We suggest up to 6 bottles for those who have some results but not total relief. Those who do not feel their best until the completion of 6 bottles are usually those who have been on immune suppressing medications for years and their immune systems are sluggish, causing their bodies to utilize only a portion of the CMO+.

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